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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


Undying death


       Undying death

        "Life is beautiful" ; my dear you used to say

        Yet, against my will isn't my fate designed ?

        A fateful day , the dawn of darkest nights 

        Came the doomsday that you bid adieu.

        Daunted she lay and thus spake soliloquy :

        Tears welling my eyelids, shying to drop down,

        'Cause, my pain, my love for you will never be mine

        Tears welling my eyelids, never will to drop down

        'Cause, my pain, my love for you is just mine

        Salt and water in my tears, so inseparable

        My heart and your thoughts, so bonded

        Many a time I have hurt my dear sweet lord

        Taking longer strides than I should have.

        Words, they say come from language 

        Nay, it comes from the bottomless pit of my heart

        Silence, so noisy, I hardly can hear

        My heart cries for your forgiveness,

        Tears may not dry, but thicken as blood

        I will live, live to bear the pain

        Tears welling my eyelids, never will to drop down

        'Cause, my pain, my love for you is just mine

        Living in a dream, a small little sunshine of my own,

        Giving into pain, with no hope, but despair

        Eating my heart and soul that no one own

        Leave it to my love until my death

        Always afraid of darkness and death,

        Befriended them last night,

        Brings me peace, soaking in my own tears

        Brings me solace, of permanence of my soul, that love you.

        Surrender to the pain thee bring in your absence

        Dreaming of the flame you lit in my life

        Wonder the innate presence of my thy warmth

        Little while ago, still lingering, in my tears.

        Pain is unbearable for the heart that yearn

        For lost love, lost woven among the shredded yarn

        Filth and dirt of the physical soul that sure to die

        For the undying love safely knit in the web of eternal soul

        Pleasures has the senses seen so many,

        Pain out of love bears the signature of true love

        Marred by eclipses of human errors 

        Eyes that weep in silence might wash my dirt away

The pittance my memories doles on me to breathe

are fortunes that I dream to decorate my wreath

A dying soul, trying to liberate from its own death

Forever wishing the living grace of forgiveness 

No name do my heart calls my love in words

It is just the tears and whimper of the dying soul

Hoping to die wearing the wreath of studded tears 

Never to wither away, as long as my soul lives here

The sharp prick of conscience, with a pain so intense

The heart satiates when the soul tries to get off the hook

Surrendering to the pain, denying to free itself

The ultimate cry of the heart to say I know not what love is not.

Crush'd leaves and flowers leave their fragrance behind

Hey, my tears have dried up, leaving no mark of me

Brush'd aside are the dirt of unwanted soul

Lying here to be washed away to the goal 

Limpering and simmering the fire of emotion

That burn up my blood of future

Resizing my life to the dreams of it's most beautiful part

Lived and existed for a painful departure

Wonder if it is painful to let free my soul

Wonder if there is life after death?

If life sustain after death as a formless soul,

It is worth the pain and my heart's desire will not go in vain

Corpses that lie still, I seek that serenity

Knowing too well that those tears were useless

When a loving soul can be near to my lost love

For ever as little sunshine in his life.

Sleepless night awakening the untired soul

Searching every corner of the universe

For the lost love, lost in the ocean of sin

Drowning in the swamp of bloodless wound

Hey, heart sleep tonight to rest 

The soul that bears the love of your heart

Lost in the wilderness of burning distress

Fuming to kindle the fire of nothingness

Long sleep of no return, come on naturally

For the soul that has the imprint of my love, never to be hurt again

Until the sinful bones wither in to mother earth

Can't wait until I see the endless tunnel of hope end.

The more I grab the sand at the ocean,

More it escapes away from within the fingers

Surrender to the little grains of my love's feeling

Divine love - so it be to the painful pleasure of undying death.

Wake up my dear, from the dreams

Like you wake up from dreams within dreams

Nothing is lost, lest you gain; Everything 'Here' remains

When all that it seems as you see, 

are mere perceptions of flickering illusions;

and random playback of those perceptions.

No dream longer than this moment, here, now

Wake up - be free; drift with the flow 

© 2012 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.