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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


The rose I watered in my heart


              The rose I watered in my heart

                Pitiable and sad was that look,

                That face, graceful and meek

                Darted towards me, as though

                With prayers for help to show

                Promptly before her tender

                Body and soul fell asunder

                Now tell me whither lies

                Your worries and its cause without reserve

                In my line if it lies, by all means

                Shall I try, find ways and means

                For you to get over its sway

                And for me to see a happier face !

That pallid pervaded face

Had indeed a captivating grace

That chocked my sensibility,

A tender feeling stirred

My hand to caress her forehead

And my lips to seal her's with a kiss

I dared then to look into her eyes

Compassionate too, dropped a few

Drops of tears, which like elixir

Roused her and brought her senses back

And in a low tone she muttered, " My dear,

Blessed am I to have

Come to you, just to pluck

The rose really, I watered in my heart"

With those words, all on a sudden

She raised her tender hands and put

Round my neck and slowly brought

My head to touch her face

And showered and showered

A thousand kisses unabashed

She stood up, myself too

Rose to hold her, lest she should

Fall, since her body was shivering

And her brimming heart, trembling

I kept her tight in my arms

As her head lay plunged on my bosom 

Aired by the refreshing cold wind

In the soul stirring moonlight

Ennobled by a touch of godly grace

In an entanglement, none could

Easily break, we then stood...

© 2009 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.