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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


The Key


The Key

Know this 'rich' man, a prosperous dealer

A procurer and supplier

Of goods essential and rare

To the people near and dear

And to his villagers in general.

He did his job with a zeal

Genuine not ceremonial,

Putting a penny in every deal

To return with two, excelling

All his counterparts in business

Day by day, his purse did swell

As did his belly with cake so well

Day and night his mind pursued

And intellect worked, where he could

Find his profit tenfold or more.

Day by day grew his shop

In girth and worth this 'rich' man atop

Stood, in his village esteemed

As the wise, pious and famous

Businessman in all praise.

Bought he fields and good gardens

Built a house high and lovely,

A mansion with rubble walls

And furnished well to suit the style

Of elegant men, not of rank and file

But all his care stood about

His shop the money brewing grot

And all his worries wandered round

The slew of servants, hounds

Who wag their tails to munch his fund

Household servants put he in

Locked the gate and kept the key

In his pocket, walked with a fake grin

To his shop, his routine every day

Greeting those he met on the way

Grew he rich as years rolled

And his thirst for money strolled

After pursuits new and pastures fresh

Which put in his hands bags of coin

And in his head accounts of gain

On a rainy day, O ! a dull day to him

He returned home with a grim

And troubled heart and head too hot

Cursing rain and at the gate so stout

He stood as it was firmly closed.

At dead of night when the rain

Was pouring cats and dogs, in vain

He called his servants, at high pitch

To open the gate and let him reach

His home so beautiful and rich

None did come however loud he called

And this poor man, the 'rich' man yelled 

Like the midnight owl or a crank,

An old man with the look of a derelict pauper

Who came that way, pertly said,

"O ! Man, why so late and why you keep

Standing outside and peep

At your heavenly house ?

Go in, get yourself cleansed

Of all filth and enjoy the inside wealth".

"The gate is closed, how I could" 

Said he "enter home from this mud?".

The old man then smiled and said,

"It's no wonder, a man of your kind

Would forget the key in his pocket"

"I forgot, I forgot, O! me

This key is always with me.

Thank you sir I was in the dark

You have torched the mark

Wherein lies the key for inner joy".

© 2010 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.