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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


The Flower


              The Flower

               There I sat, on that heavenly spot

                Not solitary I thought, company got,

                Nature's friends, birds, breeze

                Promoters of inspiring thought

                To a fertile poetic heart

                I saw, not afar, in the wild thicket 

                a fragrant flower in a vine in bloom

                A nymph of the forest, I presume

                or was she an embodiment of beauty

                Parvathy, love of Lord Shiva

                In penance who burnt to ashes

                Kama the cupid who thrashes

                Human hearts by due dashes

                Of his flower-arrows just to rouse

                the thought of lust

                And break all vows at their behest.

I sprang to my feet

Walked towards her, in haste

As if hypnotised, ere long

I could reach her, that tender body

Was seen lying on bare ground

Like an offering to god, so grand.

What to do ? I stood aghast

For a while and at last

Gathering my strength, for odds

Inconsiderate and intrepid

Slowly took her in my arms

Went up to a rock and sat unalarmed

That angel of the forest, a wildflower

In all her glory and glamour

Was lying on my lap, unconscious

A potent arrowhead for Cupid's bow

Capable still of moving, righteous

A youngman, to break his vow

And fall prey to lusty love ?

Thus bewildered my mind, amid thoughts of, 

Enchantments and funny pranks

Played by that dainty shy

Girl of the forest; I felt 

bliss encompassing my soul,

How strong is her tenderness !

The power of tender love. 

© 2010 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.