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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


Petty clouds



            Petty clouds

              "From far off seas we come

              Our duties to attend

              Mounts high and majestic,

              Strong, eternal, in their rocky flats

              And shady trees, make by leaves enclosed

              For us, the beds to lie and release

              The soothing milk of rain,

              To the parching earth,

              To the thirsty Hornbill, keeping wide

              Its bills for drizzling drops of rain,

              To enthuse plants and animals

              Woe betide, the dearth of water"

Thus said the wrangle betwixt clouds

That helped the mountains in his task,

As the pregnant clouds wrestling

Were delivered of their babes in millions

Of rare silver drops of elixir

The profuse fall of rain

Inundated the planes, hills and dales

And in brooks and streams flowed

Downwards to fill the earth with happiness.

When the wind and clouds withdrew

The mount glittering stood with a smile

"Petty clouds" he said, "Without a form

Without anything to boast as their's

Know not how it rains,

But draw their arms of might

Unmindful of the sun's graceful hands

That worked to create the vapour

And moist to shape the phantoms

To stroll a little and meet with death,

Leaving none to weep or cremate the dead" 

© 2009 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.