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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art





Gracious Moon ! do you know ?

How your milk so divine,

Was for man, the nectar fine,

Elixir, lover's balm benign,

Poesy's seat inspiring,

Scientist's primal pulp ?

Of yore, the sages found

In your charming countenance,

Calm and cool, the soul elevating

Beams of beauty, ordained

To provide their beatitude,

By penance and meditation

Which they realized and enjoyed.

Eternal happiness, their souls

Ever in communion

With your spirit genuine

They enjoyed, not the matter

They cared to experiment

And grab their ends material,

But for celestial drugs you shed

In your perpetual pirouette !

© 2008 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.