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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


Mirth to mourn



  Mirth to mourn

 Every garden plant did give

  The season's birth of flowers,

  My own mental joy did chew

  Sumptuously in those bowers.

  Methinks my wish it was

  That these flowers knew

  And at once made a choice

  To have a birth anew

Lovely breeze knew this event,

Came in stealth and gave

A slight shake of hand a plant

To share her mirth, court her love.

I think it is to enrich my joy

Did these tender leaves and flowers

Each other embraced in added joy

O ! it seemed a dance of flowers.

Beautiful butterflies mused and flew

From flower to flower wet with dew,

Hum of bees too, came to attend

The march of autumn in a band

Songs of Skylark, flute of Koel,

Note of Nightingale accompanied

As they soar and sung methinks,

It's to soothe my soul they served. 

Plants and trees, through their blooms

Lend me scent and honey sweet.

All the birds and beetles diverse

Make my earth the happiest place.

For a while stood I steadfast,

Had a feast of eyes happy and lost

In mirth and juvenile thirst

Forgetting what follows next.

How ! I wondered all these elements

Do thus expend all their talents

In music, dance and all their wealth

Of colours, fragrance and sweetness.

Do they fulfill the will of God

Whom His spouse- Nature queen

Helps to create, sustain, add

And destroy to create again ?

For, I see the foliage green

Grow greasy white or brown

Flowers fade and fruits serene

Appear ripe and soon go down

Butterflies and bees come no more

Singing birds are seldom seen,

In this once happy seat, alas now,

Lone, and lost, I stand to mourn.

© 2008 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.