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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art




As mellow and fine

Though stormy and turbulent,

In speech and mien

Is thy guise O ! scheming Mind

As hungry as a hawk,

Art thou, when a prey-

A riot takes it's wings,

To fall in and it's fruits amass.

As fast as a hare

Are your ready feet

To take to heels from the fare

When your aims face a defeat.

As dumb as a statue

Would you stand when

A thief of your own clan

Dead dearly, steal someone blind

As cheerful as a lark

Would you sing and soar

when your goal embarks

On a sod, and the way is clear.

As clear as crystal

Are your whims and caprices

Selfish and prejudiced

Designing your devices.

As revered as a lord

Would you praise and adore

The ones who hoard

Mere materials galore

As a hen on it's eggs

You brood your riches

On your precious gold bed

Alas, you lie sick, grief-ridden

As old as the hills

Is thine history, man !

Would you tread still

This beaten path inhuman.

As good as your gold

Isn't it for you to think

And have your conscience unsold

At any rate don't sink.

As bold as a lion

Stand upright without fright

Win your laurels anon

That is only due and right.

As free as a cloud

Drift with the flow

With nothing to hold

Neither to unhold.

© 2017 Anuj Nair
All rights reserved.