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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


Adam and Eve


             Adam and Eve

               Adam and Eve- who are they

               But life and death put to stay

               In the temple of God as they will.

               And what is will, but a prick sublime

               That one feels in his heart every time

               When he does a thing good or bad

               As motivated in the mental pad.

My love, we are one, part and parcel

Of the self same soul so pure.

No scope is there to conspire

Or conceal anything word or deed

From my love and for thee the same mead

Together we live together dine

Together die a dictum fine

But what did Eve do

In that earthy garden wherein is shielded

Fruits so sour,bitter or sweet

Distracted by ignorant self-will

Retracted though by prick of conscience

Tasted she the bitter fruit forbidden

Concealed, breaking oath so bidden.

Thus courted death- Eve of Adam,

Eve- the life of Adam, not a dame. 

© 2008 Anuj Nair

All rights reserved.